Sightseeing in Gulmarg

Sightseeing in Gulmarg is all about marveling at the picturesque scenery, visiting the scenic lake, or paying homage at the famous shrine of a Muslim saint.

Gulmarg is dotted with beautiful sites that will enthrall you in its splendor. A Gondola ride (cable car ride) takes you up to Kongdori to enjoy the magnificent sights of the meadow from the top.

Khilanmarg is the spot for skiing in winters. You must enjoy the views of the Kashmir valley and the Himalayan range from Khilanmarg. It takes a couple of hours by the pony, to reach Khilanmarg as it is slightly longer on foot.

The Alpathar Lake, about 13 km from Gulmarg, is a scenic alpine lake that remains frozen until late June. From Khilanmarg the lake lies across the Apharwat peak. Adventure seekers must take the one-day trip to the Alpathar Lake from Gulmarg.

Also, while in Gulmarg don’t forget to pay your obedience at the famous shrine of Baba Reshi, a Muslim saint.

Near By Places  in Gulmarg

Khilanmarg is the place near Gulmarg which is also the spot for skiing in winters and a picnic spot in all seasons. You must enjoy the views of the Kashmir valley and the Himalayan range from Khilanmarg. It takes a couple of hours by the pony, to reach Khilanmarg as it is slightly longer on foot.

Visit the Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve to witness a whole range of birds and wildlife, especially the musk deer.

restaurants and eateries in Gulmarg

The restaurants and eateries in Gulmarg serve excellent vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. The food is not only delicious but also hygienic as well. ‘Rogan Josh’ – a traditional non-vegetarian dish, is a must try. For some mouthwatering vegetarian food, Bakshi’s Green Punjabi Dhaba is the best bet. Global Hotel and Restaurant, 200mtrs in the direction of the Gondola from the Bus Station is the place if you’re after some western food.

Other adventures in Gulmarg

Baba Reshi Shrine

Baba Reshi Shrine (Ziarat) was built and dedicated to the famous Muslim Scholar and Sage – Baba Reshi who breathed his last in Gulmarg in 1480.He was a prominent member of the court of Zain-ul-Abidin – a Kashmiri King of the early 15th Century. This shrine was built amidst a luxuriant garden and is a major tourist attraction apart from the visits from its devotees.

Shiva Temple

The Shiva Temple, also known as the ‘Rani Temple’ and ‘Maharani Temple’ is perched on a small hillock in the town square of Gulmarg and because of its vantage point; the Shiva Temple is visible from all parts of Gulmarg. For the last 17 years, the priestly duties in this Hindu temple have been performed by a single Muslim priest – Ghulam Mohammad Shiekh – epitomizing the communal harmony between Hindus and Muslims in the Kashmir Valley. The local and visiting communities have gracefully accepted a Muslim performing Hindu Temple rituals like puja, aarti and distributing Prasad among the devotees. And being a Muslim, he also performs Namaz every day.

St.Mary’s Church

St. Mary’s Church is a Roman Catholic Church in Gulmarg and was constructed amidst Alpine trees atop a meadowy plateau. In the year 2003, the Church was renovated and on this occasion, a special Mass was conducted at Christmas which incidentally happened to be after 14 years.

Banibali Nag Lake

Ferozepura Nallah is 5 kilometers from Gulmarg and Banibali Nag Lake is a couple of kilometers further from here.Banibali Nag Lake is set in the meadows and is surrounded by mountains at 9600 feet. This area is especially breezy so u can see the meadows swaying. And the lake reflects the mountains and the skies when still. It takes around 5 hours to get here from Gulmarg owing to the mountainous terrain.

Ferozepura Nallah – Mountain Stream

About 5 kilometers from Gulmarg is the Ferozepura Nallah – a freshwater stream that meanders its way from the mountains. This stone-studded stream is an ideal picnic spot and the trail that leads to this spot is even more interesting as it goes through the meadows and then the forest and then downhill to the stream. This route is the most ideal for nature photography.

Ningli Nallah – Mountain Stream

‘Ningli Nallah’ is a sparkling lively stream which is 8 km from Gulmarg. This is a perfect picnic spot and also a good spot for camping. All it takes is a couple of hours of trekking from Gulmarg and you would reach this amazing locale surrounded by small hills and flowery meadows with a cold stream trickling down effortlessly.Carry your coffee and book and camera and start very early at the break of dawn from Gulmarg. You could choose to explore this landscape for a few hours and then return to Gulmarg or head up further into other valleys and meadows of Kashmir. Else carry your camping gear from Gulmarg and pitch a tent for the night by the stream. It guarantees to help you relax and recharge.A highly recommended ‘TO-DO’ for honeymooners! Ningli Nallah offers you many more reasons than you can imagine for cuddling up in this cozy environment.

Gulmarg Golf Course

Perched at about 9000 feet altitude, Gulmarg Golf Course is one of the highest golf courses in the world.

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